Come in, come undone.

Nestled in the rugged mountains of Ibiza, somewhere between the sun-drenched landscape and breath-taking scenery evoking a blissful feeling of serenity, stands Común.

An immersive co-living and well-being sanctuary to reconnect with (oneself true) nature.


Común is built on the foundation of a family home, where happiness and sacredness are felt in each detail. A sanctuary with a perception to welcome you to a safe environment in which they can learn tools to connect with your intimate self.

‘The warmth of this haven lies in its sincere hospitality and unrestricted freedom. By offering a space free from judgement, free from distraction, free from societal norms.
As the aim for our guests is to explore freely and fill their time with whatsoever brings you joy and well-being .’


The healing philosophy of Común is centered around Kundalini Yoga. It is practical for modern life yet draws its power from the ancient yogic techniques such as conscious breath work (pranayama),sacred sounds (mantra,) meditation and many more.

These techniques will be provided by a network of holistic experts curated and led by our Head of well-being, Chiara De Lucia. The healing practices are offered in a non-compulsory manner with the highest regard for a personal approach.

Throughout the sanctuary healing tools are offered to encourage moments of silence and introspection and healing practices can be provided by personal request.

For a tailormade journey please contact:

Sanctuary rooms

Guests accommodations takes the form of three sanctuary rooms build using natural materials and are purposely stripped-back to create spaces free from distraction.

Earth, wood and concrete are delicately combined with clay and sand to immerse visitors in a unique spatial experience, where nature and architecture interact almost seamlessly.

Each room come with its unique character and shape sized, include a king sized bed and private bathroom or shower room. We provide a curated selection of well-being products by Ryoko and artwork will be present in each sanctuary room.

The sanctuary also holds a vegetable garden for growing local fruits and vegetables and a large outdoor swimming pool.

When the world goes
quiet and the path forward becomes clear, I remember
my purpose

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